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Odessa, Texas is fortunate to count with great educational facilities where Odessans and members of near communities learn the skills they need to be productive, successful members of an ever changing world.

Educate the present for the Future. Ector County Schools are great schools. With the presence of Odessa College, Texas Tech and the University of Texas, Odessa counts with an all around education infrastructure that is preparing Odessans for the future. This means that a business can be confident of counting on a qualified, educated workforce to grow.

The links below take you to the website's of the Education facilities in Odessa, where you can find information you need regarding programs, facilities and staff.

*Please note that although there are many excellent private schools, only Public Schools and facilities are listed here.



Ector County Library

Ector County School District

Odessa College

University of Texas (UTPB) 

Texas Tech University

Texas Education Agency

US Department of Education