Roll Out Cart Service

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Collection Guidelines

  • Trash container(s) must be curbside by 7:00 a.m. on the designated collection day. Do not place container(s) the day before service.
  • Please note that there is no set time residential collections can occur on the day of collection.
  • Position container(s) with wheels away from the street. Do not place container(s) on sidewalks.
  • Leave at least 5 feet of clearance from other container(s) and other objects. The automated truck lifting-arm needs 5 feet of clearance on either side of the rolling container(s) to wrap around the container(s).
  • Do not place container(s) behind parked cars or other obstructions. The automated truck lifting-arm is not able to reach behind trees or other objects.
  • Obstructed serviceability or container(s) that failed to be placed for collection in a timely manner will be skipped.
  • All trash must be contained in the container(s) issued by the City of Odessa. Non-City approved container(s) will not be serviced.
  • Garbage placed outside container(s) will not be serviced.
  • Bag all garbage before prior to placement of container(s) to assist in keeping container(s) clean. Bagging trash bags helps to prevent infestation and windblown litter on windy days
  • Place only household garbage items in container(s)
  • The container(s) will only hold up to 200 pounds. Please do not overload the container(s)
  • Place only household garbage items in container(s)
  • Residents are responsible for disposing larger bulk trash. Large or bulky items such as furniture and appliances can be taken to Household Hazardous Waste Facility (HHW) at 816 W. 42nd St.  Note: that no demolition or construction debris is accepted at HHW.
  • The driver will not exit the vehicles to adjust placement or clean out container(s) that are over packed, as this defeats the purpose of automated curbside service. Automated collection increases efficiency of refuse collection while improving safety.

The Following Items Cannot Be Placed in the Container:

  • Dirt, sod, brick, concrete, or rock 
  • Debris from construction, remodeling or demolition 
  • Hot ashes, coals, or other flammable materials, such as solvents, oil, gas or paint 
  • Liquid waste 
  • Dead animals
  • Tires

Windy Days

Trash collection can be very challenging on windy days. We know we can’t control Mother Nature but here are some tips that may help prevent your trash from blowing away. 

  • Place lighter material at the bottom of container and heavier trash on top to prevent the lighter items from blowing out the cart.
  • Bag all trash and tie the bag
  • Close container lid
  • If container is not full and can wait till next pick up service, please do so.
  • Be aware of high wind weather forecasts on collection days

Residents are responsible for the proper use of the container, including cleaning up any trash spilled from the container due to high wind or other acts beyond human control.

Solid Waste drivers will pick up any trash spilled as a result of the collection operations.

Containers that are tipped due to high wind will not be picked up by driver. Containers must be upright in order to be serviced. Resident is responsible for the security of the roll-out cart.

Container Care

  • The container(s) remain property of the City of Odessa and will be maintained and replaced at no cost to the resident except for damage due to negligence or abuse. Do not take the containers(s) with you when you move.
  • The container is made of durable plastic and should provide years of maintenance free use. Should a problem occur (broken lid or wheels) please contact the Solid Waste Division at 432-368-3509.
  • Each container will be assigned to a single household address and will have an imprinted serial number for identification purposes.
  • First container issued will be at no charge to resident.
  • Any additional containers will be at a cost of $85 (Total limit of 3 per household).
  • The resident is responsible for the security of the cart and in keeping cart in clean and sanitary condition.