Questions and Answers

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Is the Court closed during the lunch hour?
No. During normal business hours, there are always court clerks on duty to assist you.

How can I tell if my ticket is in the jurisdiction of Municipal Court?
Look at the top of the citation and it will say, "Municipal Court, City of Odessa."

How can I check what ticket(s) I have with Municipal Court and/or what they cost?
You can call the court during our business hours to inquire about your tickets and fines.

Should I assume that the court knows that I received more than one violation on my citations or that I have other outstanding cases?
No, the court will check its case information system, in an attempt to identify all of your cases. However, to prevent a case follow-up action including the issuance of a warrant, give the clerk all the information required to identify all your cases. Such information would include a valid identification, previous surnames, any other dates of birth used, etc. The court handles each offense that you have been charged with individually. If you were charged with more than one violation, the law requires you to respond to each one individually.