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Odessa Fire Rescue is continually trying to find better ways to help the citizens of this great town, and visitors from all around the world. One way this has been provided is by offering a list of commonly asked questions. Although the Q&A list is extensive and always continuing to grow, we may not always have the answers you are looking for. If for some reason you do not find your answer please click on the message board at the bottom of the page and simply type your question.

Questions & Answers Why is a fire engine sent when I call for an ambulance?
Odessa Fire Rescue has all eight Engines staffed with Paramedics and are equipped as advanced cardiac life support first responders. This gives the engine crew the capability to provide advanced airway access and administer cardiac drugs. A fire engine is sent automatically to assist on Most EMS calls.
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How can I get a copy of a Fire Report?

Fire reports may be obtained from Odessa Fire Rescue Administrative offices at 1100 W 2nd Street, Odessa, TX.  We are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. (432) 257-0518
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How can I get a copy of an EMS patient report?

To obtain a copy of an EMS patient report or the actual patient or a medical authorization signed by the patient, you must present a proper ID. Due to medical information on the report, we can only release these reports with the patients consent. These reports are available at Fire Administration, 1100 W 2nd Street, Odessa TX, 79763  Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. There is a $2.00 charge for report copies.
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How do I request a tour of a fire station?

Fire station tours can be arranged by appointment through the OFR Public Education Office. For more information, please contact the Fire Marshals Office at (432) 257-0502.
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Do I need to register my Fire Alarm or Medical Alarm?
Medical Alarms are not required to be registered with the City of Odessa. However, FIRE ALARM systems must be registered. This includes residential and commercial alarm systems. Registration forms may be obtained through the Odessa Police Department Records Division. Commercial alarm fees are $25 for new registration and there is a $20 yearly renewal fee. Residential alarm fees are $20 for new registration and there is a $15 yearly renewal fee. Fines may result in failure to register an alarm. The City of Odessa will record false or mistaken alarms. Citations may be issued for three or more false/mistaken alarms within a 12 month period. Contact the Police Department Records Unit at (432) 335-3306 or click here for more information..
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Is there an Arson Hot Line?
The Odessa Fire Marshals office recommend two ways of reporting information on an Arson. Citizens may call the Odessa Fire Marshals Office at (432) 257-0518 to provide information. If a caller wishes to remain anonymous or receive a reward for information, they may call Crime-Stoppers at 333-TIPS (333-8477)
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How do I report a complaint about a fire hazard?
Hazardous conditions may be reported to the Fire Marshals office at (432) 257-0518.

Conditions that involve high grass, weeds, tree limbs, debris, etc., in residential areas may be reported to Neighborhood Development, (432) 335-4680.
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Can I get a fire engine to visit my children's school?
All requests for a fire department presentation can be made to the Fire Marshal at (432) 257-0518. Back To Top

How can I find out about safety programs for children and adults?
Several fire and injury prevention programs are available through the Odessa Fire Department at no charge. Programs are designed for pre-kindergarten to senior citizens. For more information, contact the Odessa Fire Marshals office at (432) 257-0518.
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What is the best kind of fire extinguisher for my house?
Fire extinguishers are designed for certain types of materials and situations. "BC" fire extinguishers are recommended for a kitchen. These extinguishers are designed to more effective on grease, oils, and electrical fires. An "ABC" fire extinguisher is good for common items such as cloth, paper, and other ordinary combustibles.
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What about Smoke Detectors?
All homes should have a smoke detector in or near sleeping areas. Smoke detectors can be wired into the existing electrical system (with a battery backup) or battery operated. Smoke detectors have a life expectancy of 10 years. So change the batteries at least once per year, and replace the smoke detector after 10 years or when the detector fails to work and/or test properly. If you need assistance with the installation of a battery operated smoke detector, call Odessa Fire Rescue. We will provide a smoke detector to homeowners who need assistance. Contact (432) 257-0502 for assistance or additional information.
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Fire Inspections?
Commercial property may be inspected throughout the year. To request a fire inspection or register a complaint, contact the Fire Marshals office at (432) 257-0518.
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Can I get my blood pressure checked at the fire station?
Yes. Free preventive blood pressure checks are offered at each fire station.
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How can I relay a compliment, complaint, or concern about Odessa Fire Rescue?
Citizen comments are always welcome. You may call  Odessa Fire Rescue Administration Offices at (432) 257-0502 or visit our offices at 1100 W 2nd Street, Odessa, TX 79763. You may also mail comments to Odessa Fire Rescue, Administration Offices, P.O. Box 4398, Odessa, TX, 79760, or fill out our Contact form online.
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