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Refusal of Transport for Self-Isolation Criteria

Post Date:03/20/2020 3:22 PM

Refusal of Transport for Self-Isolation Criteria

The following is the criteria for denial of transport for patients experiencing symptoms in relation to CoVID-19. Patients need to be referred to either 68 Nurse or their Primary Care Provider. The criteria is only meant for patients with mild symptoms that do not fall into the High Risk Category that are also listed below.

Mild Symptoms
Sore Throat
Fever <101
Mild Shortness of Breath

HR- >60 and <110
Resp.- <24
BP- Systolic <110
SpO2 >92% with adequate profusion

High Risk Factors/Contraindications for denial of transport
Age- <15 and >55
Heart Disease
Lung Disease
Immunocompromised (Cancer, etc…)
Signs of Hypoxia
Vitals out of normal ranges

Recommend Tylenol over Ibuprofen and ASA

All factors of patient care should be discussed before denial of transport is considered.
Remember to limit contact and use proper PPE.
Any denial of transport will be documented in the EPCR in extreme detail.

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