Ride Along Program

Program Suspended

Due to the circumstances under COVID-19, the Odessa Police Department has suspended the Ride Along Program until further notice.

Frescas and Unit Overview

The purpose of the Odessa Police Department Ride-Along Program is to encourage community involvement, educate the public, open lines of communication and build trust. The program:

  • Allows members of the public to directly observe police officers performing their duties.
  • Promotes a better understanding of the challenges, risks and benefits of the Odessa Police Department's role within the community.
  • Is a safe and exciting way to get to know your Police Department.

Sign up

All citizens who would like to participate in the Ride Along Program can contact Corporal Michael Hamilton at 432-335-3361 or Corporal Steve LeSueur at 432-335-3322 for more information on how to sign up.