Special Operations Bureau

The Special Operations Bureau is commanded by Deputy Chief Robert Doporto with the assistance of Captain John Sikes. The mission of the Special Operations Bureau is the prevention and detection of crime and the protection of life and property of all citizens.

Members of this Bureau include Detectives and Investigators that fully investigate incidents that are generated from 911 Calls and Citizen Reports, as well as proactive enforcement of other crimes. 

Members of this division can hold multiple positions within the agency, being assigned to Specialized Teams such as SWAT, Hazardous Devices, Crisis Negotiation, and others. Additional assignments can include assignment as a Task Force Officer for various federal agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, US Marshals, Homeland Security Investigations, Drug Enforcement Administration, and others as deemed necessary. These assignments can vary in responsibility and time commitment. 

The Special Operations Bureau is comprised of the following Units:

  • Crime Scene Unit
    • Crime Scene Forensics
    • Evidence and Property
  • Criminal Investigations Division
    • Robbery/Homicide Unit
    • Crimes Against Persons Unit
    • Burglary/Property Unit
  • Intelligence Division
    • Narcotics/VICE Unit
    • IMPACT Unit
    • Intelligence Unit
  • Crime Victim's Liaison