Field Operations Bureau

The Operations Bureau is the largest of the three bureaus and is commanded by Deputy Chief Matthew Davidson with the assistance of Captain Darryl Smith.

Annually the Operations Bureau members respond to all Emergency and Non-Emergency requests for service from citizen and mutual aid agencies. Many members of our department serve in multiple roles, whether that be on the Special Weapons and Tactics Team, Crisis Negotiations, Hazardous Devices Unit, Drone Unit, or any one of the many other specialized positions our agency maintains. 

The primary mission of the Operations Bureau is the prevention and detection of crime and the protection of life and property of all citizens. We understand that each staff member has a unique impact on our community and the lives of those we serve. Our staff are held to the highest standards related to professionalism, ethics, integrity, and decency. We take pride in maintaining a staff dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure community, which many call home for their families.

The Field Operations Unit is comprised of the: