EMS Lifeline Application

Odessa Fire Rescue provides the best EMS Service available anywhere. The department runs Paramedic Engines and MICU (Mobile Intensive Care Unit) EMS transport vehicles.

Odessa Fire Rescue has been the emergency medical service provider for the City of Odessa and Ector County since 1973. We currently operate eight (8) Mobile Intensive Care Unit Ambulances and eight (8)  Paramedic staffed Fire Engines. Our coverage area is approximately 904 square miles and we serve a population of 140,000. Odessa Fire Rescue responds to approx. 18,000 Emergency incidents per year.

Two of the departments stations operate under a Squad concept. These are four person stations that have both a front-line EMS unit and a front-line fire apparatus. Depending on the nature of the call all four personnel respond on either the fire apparatus or the EMS unit. This configuration of the Squad concept was originated by Odessa Fire Rescue and has been adopted by other departments around the state for it's efficient use of personnel.

On the majority of calls for service an engine will run with an ambulance in the departments coverage area. There are a number of reasons for this. Often a ambulance is out of its station when the call comes in, usually either on or retuning from another call. The engine can get there quicker and begin treatment before the arrival of the ambulance. This is the reason for staffing a paramedic on all engines. Other reasons include assistance with patient handling, hauling equipment, and scene control. Having more than two people to assist with moving patients helps to reduce back injuries and help keep the city's worker's compensation costs down.

EMS Training
The EMS training division is dedicated to keeping the clinical proficiency of Odessa Fire Rescue personnel at the highest level. The training division uses a hybrid model of online and classroom training to meet the members of the departments certification needs, to provide the most up to date information regarding patient care and to provide information on issues affecting the EMS community.

Odessa Fire Rescue was voted EMS Provider of the Year in 1998 and 1999 for the Texas "J" Region, which extends south from Andrews to Terlingua and west from Coahoma to Pecos. In 1970, the City of Odessa was the first city in the state to provide the 911 emergency dialing system. In 1972, the City of Odessa was first in the state to provide the Jaws of Life. Odessa was also the first city in the state to have state certified ambulances.

Odessa Fire Rescue was one of the first services in the state to adopt a therapeutic hypothermic protocol. The department has worked closely with area hospitals to create a successful STEMI and Stoke programs.

Under the direction of our Medical Directors Dr. Gregory Shipkey and Dr. Sudip Bose Odessa Fire Rescue is a leader in fire-based EMS. All members of Odessa Fire Rescue are required to be Texas Department of State Health Services certified Paramedics.  Under the leadership and direction of Assistant Chief Glen Hogue, the EMS Division is dedicated to the delivery of the highest quality emergency medical services available. Having eight front-line ambulances  Odessa Fire Rescue is able to deliver rapid care to any point in its service area. The department is focused and driven to provide the best quality care available to the citizens they are sworn to serve.