Truck Routes


City ordinance only allows through traffic of trucks on specific streets within the City limits.

Trucks that:

  • have a manufacturer's gross eight rating of more than ten thousand (10,000) pounds
  • are a single unit vehicle with tandem axles
  • or are truck-tractor/semitrailer combinations

and are passing through must travel on one of the following streets:

  • County Road West
  • Andrews Highway (Highway 385) north of 42nd Street (Highway 191) and south of Second Street (Business Interstate 20)
  • Grandview

unless they are carrying hazardous material, then they are required to travel on:

  • Loop 338
  • Interstate Highway 20

Truck drivers with a destination off the designated truck routes must use the shortest most direct route to reach their destination.

Click here to view a map of designated local truck routes.