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OAC's Pajama Party Program

Post Date:12/20/2016 9:01 AM

As if having a sleepover isn’t fun enough, OAC is enhancing the experience by adding a dog to the mix!!

Now, thanks to the shelter’s new “Pajama Party” program, families can book a slumber party with an Urgent pooch.  The idea is that potential owners can experience what it is like to live with a dog.

How does it work?!

**The family will pick up the Urgent dog in its pajamas between 3:30- 4:45 pm (Monday- Friday). They keep the dog overnight and shower them with love and attention. Each family will sign a waiver and our animal will not be allowed to stay outside overnight, no exceptions. OAC will provide the crate, food, treats, bowls and a leash. The family is required to bring back the dog the next morning between 8- 10 am (by appointment).  Unless they have fallen in love and want to adopt!

If so, they will need to come in and finish the adoption process for their newest family member!

For more information contact Odessa Animal Control at (432) 368-3527.

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