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Show your Odessa Pride & End Illegal Dumping

Post Date:01/15/2016

Dangers of Illegal Dumping

Tire with Stagnant Water
  • Illegally discarded materials pose a fire hazard for surrounding property resulting in substantial damage to homes and businesses.

  • Piles of illegally dumped debris create a habit for disease carrying rodents and insects, which attract snakes and other predators. Stagnant water collected in illegally discarded tires creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
Floodwaters can carry the discarded items away resulting in potentially blocked drainage basins and create dangerous flooding conditions.

mattress in alleyway

Illegal dump sites containing chemicals, household or otherwise, can contaminate the water table and potentially contaminate drinking water.

Animals, children and or anyone near an illegal dump site risk exposure to physical and chemical hazards. 

How to Stop Illegal Dumping

Everyone must work together to end illegal dumping in our City. Start by  knowing the law and learning what is considered illegal dumping.

If you see, or know of, someone dumping illegally please report the violation by calling 432-257-0572 or completing this form. When reporting the violation please provide the location and if possible include the description of the individual(s), vehicle(s) as well as the date and time of the incident.

Dispose of Waste Properly

Finally, dispose of items correctly. The Odessa Recycling Center, 816 West 42nd Street, accepts tree limbs, tires, household chemicals, paints and more. Click here for a complete list of accepted items.

bulk item collectionThe City offers Bulky Item Drop Off events at the Odessa Recycling Center throughout the year to provide citizens an opportunity to dispose of large bulky items that do not belong in alleyway containers. Click here to view the schedule.

The City's Solid Waste Department has a Bulk Item Collection Route. Citizens can leave bulk items in the alleyway for collection ONLY during their scheduled time. Click here to view the schedule.

Resident can also choose to dispose of items directly at Charter Waste Landfill, 12035 West Murphy Street. The landfill is independently owned and operated from the City. Prices and hours are established by Charter Waste. Call 432-381-4722 for more information.

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